Beauty Eyes Globe


For all skin types

Meet your new yoga buddy!


Upgrade your me-time in just 5-10 minutes, with this cooling, daily facial yoga routine, which is designed specifically for the eye area. MILU’s beauty eyes globe will freshen up your day, so get comfortable and make sure all eyes are on you! For best results put the Beauty Eyes Globe in the fridge for a few minutes prior to use.


The benefits

The high-quality glass yoga buddy reduces puffiness, firms skin and improves blood circulation for a brighter complexion. It also makes sure your favorite eye cream and serum are absorbed even better.

Reasons To Love…

  1. Helps improve your natural glow
  2. Works quickly & efficiently
  3. Designed for busy lives!

And many more reasons to love… 


CAUTION: for external use only. The product is made of glass and fragile, please handle with care. Do not use if product is cracked. Do not freeze. Do not use excessive force. Keep out of children’s reach.
  • Delivery within 2-3 working days