Melting Cleansing Balm


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For all skin types

A rich, sorbet-like cleansing balm that melts away (eye) makeup & oil based impurities. Meet my:


This award-winning skin care must have is a rich, compact cleansing balm that melts away (eye) makeup & oil based impurities and pampers your skin with the best natural ingredients. Meet my: Off-duty. MELTING CLEANSING BALM

As you may know, us MILU girls just love quick, fun & easy beauty boosters. That’s why I want to tell you all about this beauty multi tasker and instant must have. Off-duty Melting Cleansing Balm seamlessly fits into your night time skin care routine. Formulated with skin loving papaya extract, vitamin E & grape seed oil to perfectly cleanse & nourish your face. When massaging on to the skin it quickly transforms into a cleansing facial oil with the subtle scent of exotic papaya (mental picture of vacay and beach walks included). Add a splash of water, simply rinse off and be amazed by crisp clean and silky soft skin! This Melting Cleansing Balm even takes on waterproof make up.

And no worries, this balm-to-oil is fit for all skin types, even oily skin. The cleansing oil attracts skin impurities and cleans pores. Plus, Off-duty. makes sure your skin gets the hydration boost it deserves and let’s be honest, we all know hydration is the key, not only for dry skin, but also for combined and acne-prone skin. In short: it’s your all-in-one daily skin guardian, and quite frankly, just the hero we’ve been waiting for!

Oh, and before I forget: it replenishes your skin with vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals and grap seed oil, which nourishes intensively.

Jar contains: 90 grams, including spatula

The benefits

  • Cleanses & nourishes at the same time
  • Transforms from compact balm into cleansing oil
  • Helps improve your natural glow

Reasons To Love…

  1. Only skin loving ingredients
  2. Dermatologically tested
  3. No parabens, sulfates & mineral oils & alcohol
  4. Certified cruelty-free & vegan
  5. Fuss-free skin care!

And many more reasons to love…