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Make sure all eyes are on you!

You already know I’m into a little workout sesh here and there, but I’ll also be the first one to see the importance of cooling down and just chill.

With all the multi-tasking, studying, at home or at work babes out there, we need to focus on planning a moment of selfcare every now and then. Let’s be honest, me-time is forgotten way too often.

And hey, that’s where MILU comes in! I’ve got you covered once again, because after developing easy & quick beauty boosters, promoting working out every AM with my unique personal face trainer massage tool, I was ready to take the next step…

Feeling blue?

Quite the opposite actually! My one of a kind Beauty Eyes Globe might be blue, but it’ll definitely uplift your spirit – and skin around the eye area, as a matter of fact. This perfect addition to your daily beauty routine helps you take just 10-15 minutes a day to relax and literally is the coolest massage tool out there! The high quality glass globe can be used as it is, for a nice and cooling effect on puffy eyes, or use chilled. In this case put it in the fridge for 10 minutes or so prior to using.

Yoga & chill for eyes to envy

So how does it work? MILU wouldn’t be your personal quick beauty fixer, if I hadn’t worked on a routine for ultimate relaxation. My facial yoga routine includes several yoga poses, just for the eye area and helps you use the tool in the best way, for sparkly eyes and a fresh appearance.

Here goes:
1. Apply your favorite eye cream or serum; place the (chilled) globe on the skin above or underneath your eyes.
2. Roll back and forth or whatever feels comfortable to you – This is where the yoga routine starts! Use this as a handy guideline or play around to find out what feels best. Repeat each step as often as you like.
3. Hello de-puffed eyes and firmed & revitalized skin!


Can I use a sheet mask with the Beauty Eyes Globe?
Well, things will get kinda messy. So first use the Beauty Eyes Globe to get in the ultimate chill mode. Next, apply your favorite MILU mask or eye patches to complete your moment of me-time.

What is the blue liquid inside?
No worries, it’s a harmless combination of water and blue coloring. I know, it looks awesome!

Can I take the tool on-the-go?
Hell yeah! My entire range is developed to easily fit in your carry-on & handbag. The packaging of this blue beauty is specifically designed to protect the glass globe.

Can’t get enough of MILU? I bet you can’t! I’m a social girl so follow me to get to know me even better. And did you invent some MILU yoga poses of your own? Sharing is caring! Love to see my #MILUSQUAD using my Beauty Eyes Globe #facialyoga

Love, MILU