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Because let’s be honest: all moms ARE superheroes!

And I’m not just talking about moms – I’m painting the bigger picture here.. think aunts, grandmas, foster moms, bffs, you name it: have we got some strong women in our surroundings. And whether you are talking about your birth mom or any other powerful, strong role model you want to show your appreciation – Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to do just so.

Face it, whether you have a fit-mom, the-best-chef-mom, a working mom or a relax & chill kinda mom, they all value their me-time moments and recognize how important it is to unwind and take some TLC time for themselves. So let me help you out with this one, because “me-time” happens to be my middle name. Besides that, all of my boosters are known for their quick, almost effortless results. And that sounds perfect to every mom, believe me!

How to pick the perfect gift?

Well, first of all, let us determine what your mom’s perfect skin care match is. And as matchmaker extraordinaire, I’ve made my preparations to make this even easier for you. Check it out here.

When you already know what your mom likes – like the favorite child you are – just take a look at my gorgeous pink-themed beauties and assemble the perfect Mother’s Day gift set. Add some skin care, sheet masks, or beauty tools to spice up her daily beauty routine, and trust me, you’ll fave child status will be prolonged for at least a year.

If you’re more of a I-like-it-quick-and-easy-kid, no worries, I won’t judge and your mom won’t either, after she unpacked my Mommy Time Gift Box. Smiles, hugs and kisses guaranteed! Oh and you are very welcome!

Love, MILU

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