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LED Beauty Device MILU
MILU LED beauty device
LED Beauty Device
LED Beauty Device
MILU Led Beauty Device
  • LED Beauty Device MILU
  • MILU LED beauty device
  • LED Beauty Device
  • LED Beauty Device
  • MILU Led Beauty Device

Your skin is lit.

LED Beauty Device

1 Piece

Need a way to lighten up your days? No worries, because MILU helps solve all your skin problems with this innovative LED light therapy device. The massage tool combines ancient knowledge - the classic guasha - with modern LED technique, warming, vibration & microcurrent. With 4 different functions you can enjoy unlimited selfcare at home. The heat therapy increases absorption of your favourite serums and creams. So boost your skin’s glow, fade blemishes and fine lines and reveal amazing, radiant skin! Want to learn more about the LED Beauty Device? Check out this blog or read the frequently asked questions here.
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Ancient knowledge & modern technique combined in a unique massage tool Ancient knowledge & modern technique combined in a unique massage tool Ancient knowledge & modern technique combined in a unique massage tool Ancient knowledge & modern technique combined in a unique massage tool

How to use

Watch the video and get inspired! Combine with your fave cream or serum to reveal radiant skin! Comes with USB charging cable.

4 Functions

Red light therapy + warming
Helps stimulate collagen, elastin & blood circulation, helps reduce fine lines and firms skin. 635nm.

Violet light therapy + warming + vibration
Combines red & blue light to help clear & tighten skin. Helps rejuvenate dull skin. 410nm.

Blue light therapy + vibration + microcurrent
Helps awaken skin. Its anti-bacterial benefits calm acne-prone skin and help prevent breakouts. 470nm.

Red & blue light therapy + warming + vibration + microcurrent
Helps smooth overall skin tone & texture for healthy, revived skin.

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Who needs it

For everyone who can use a daily workout to help solve a variety of skin problems. For all skin types.

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What's inside

1 LED Beauty Device
1 USB charging cable

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