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Don’t you just love that feeling when Winter is slowly turning into Spring? Same here! Even though getting all cuddled up inside – underneath a comfy blanket and binge watching your fave Netflix show (hello, the Queen’s Gambit!) – felt great the last couple of months, being able to spend more time outside gives us some much-needed extra energy.

So Spring… it tends to make us all bubbly, revitalized and waking up in the mornings suddenly feels a whole lot better. Some of you feel inspired to re-decorate or to give your place a good cleaning session. Well babes, that’s not really one of my best qualities to be honest, but I have other qualities. I am your me-time guru! And let me fill you in about me-time in Spring.

For the love of cleaning

Forget about the house, your skin is the first point of attention when it comes to cleaning! Lucky you, I have options for every skin concern! My cleansing superhero in a jar is the first step to clean, make-up free AND silky soft skin. And no worries, this balm-turns-into-oil-goodie is fit for all skin types. Ready for some fun? Try my deep-cleansing Bubble Foam sheet mask. Crisp, clean pores in no time, plus Insta approved. And if you want to plan an extra-long, extra relaxing skin care sesh, my mess-free Clay Mask is your go-to!

Fresh faced glow

‘Tis your season to shine – again! And just when you want to look your absolute best, those pesky hay fever and other allergies are about to ruin your glow. Have no fear, MILU is here to help you look like you just came back from the beautician. Itchy, swollen eyes are cooled and de-puffed in just 5 minutes – thanks to the Beauty Eyes Globe – and your eyes will look all shiny and sparkly, because my Hydrogel Eye Patches work wonders, trust me. And to top it all off, you’ll outshine everyone with your au naturel look; all credits to your newest on-the-go beauty BFF: my Lip Treatment will give you the softest, shiniest pout. Autographs, anyone?

Love, MILU

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'Tis your season to shine!