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This is MILU

No more, certainly no less.

Looking for quick & fun beauty boosters that are specifically created to reinvent your daily beauty routine? Look no further, because I designed an entire range that leaves your skin dewy and glowy as can be.

Inside info.

Let’s talk ingredients. Clean, hand-picked, no nasties. Because that’s what’s important to me. And exactly that, babes, works wonders for your skin. So you can enjoy MILU me-time guilt-free, with quick results and little effort.

How about fragrance?

I considered all the pros and cons and decided to formulate our amazing products with just a hint of subtle scent (always less than 1%). Because I want you to have the full experience: enhanced skin AND enhanced mood.

Once upon a time.

No fairytales and sweet talks, but the honest truth about how it all started. In Fall, 2017 I launched my very first collection; a range of high-quality sheet masks, inspired by the dewy skin of Korean women.

And boy, did we sky-rocket from there! Beauty tools for all kinds of skin concerns, an expanding skin care range and a whole lot of glowiness in the loop! Curious? Just click right here to see all MILU items. Find your fave, sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty booster ride!

And I promise, you’ll live happily ever after. Together with MILU that is… Your new beauty BFF and princess charming on the side.

Founder’s faves.

I want to keep most of our founder’s info to myself and I am not a kiss-and-tell kinda person. But these are the secrets she does like to share! Her personal MILU faves for her daily beauty routine.