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Turn your skin from fixer upper into dream project

Ever since you were little you had this vision of your ultimate dream house, right? Picture a light, spacious home, a gorgeous garden in bloom – maybe even a pool – and the perfect location to top it all off. Did I paint the right picture for you? Hold that thought! It would be perfect if your dreamhouse would exist just as you envisioned it, but some of us live for a classic fixer upper and love the challenge of changing an existing house into the perfect home.

Well, metaphorically speaking, I’m your pretty-in-pink project manager for the most challenging fixer upper you’ll ever have: your skin! But believe me, with the right routine, some patience and Selling Sunset, together we will turn your skin into the dream project you always wished for.

And, as with house flipping, a good planning (in this case: your daily routine) is just what you need to achieve the glowiest, happiest and most envious skin! Leave it to me to help you out with a range of vegan boosters that not only takes care of your skin, but will also make sure you enjoy some well-deserved me-time once in a while.

Clean, cleaner, cleanest!

I’m all about the basics. Every beautician or skin expert will tell you the same: a clean skin is the first step in achieving your dream skin. So take some effort in your cleansing and post-cleansing routine every day and I promise, if you persist, your hard work will pay off! Besides the essential step of taking off your makeup before going to bed (don’t underestimate this step. Ever!), it’s also key to exfoliate, brighten and refine your peachy skin. Restoring the pH level is also a big help to get those cheeks glowing.

Pay attention to cleaning and you’ll see – as with houses – the cleaner, the happier and the more you’ll enjoy it. Sold?

Enjoy Fall & fall in love with your post-Summer skin all over again!

Love, MILU

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