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You know how every superhero needs a sidekick? Thanks to Robin, Batman was part of the one and only Dynamic Duo, without dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have solved a single mystery and finally, the adorable Pluto makes our all-time Disney favorite Mickey Mouse even more likeable. Sidekicks don’t always get all the fame, but should be appreciated more for making the hero a true SUPERhero. So kudos to THE unmissable sidekick to our Everyday hero. Cleansing Mousse: allantoin.

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Allantoin deserves a good introduction, as it wasn’t always a common-used ingredient in Western skin care. Naturally found in comfrey root, wheat sprouts and chamomile, it has always been a popular ingredient in Korean skin care – renowned for its soothing & moisturizing benefits. And, the perfect fit for sensitive skin.


Allantoin acts as a 'keratinolytic'. Our hair, nails and epidermis consist of keratin and allantoin softens that substance. Thanks to allantoin our skin’s ability to retain water improves, making the skin softer and more supple & moist. The wonder ingredient also has exfoliating benefits and helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a smooth & glowing surface. Removing dead skin cells also stimulates the production of new cells.

We don’t need to explain to you that this little sidekick makes our Cleansing Mousse great. And the perfect, friendly-yet-effective addition to your daily PM routine. Or even better; this velvety foam is the better half of our other awesome cleanser (yes, the oil based one). This MILU dynamic duo is the ultimate double cleansing squad, as you already read in one of our previous journals. Ready to fight all the impurity villains and conquer the world with crisp, clean skin? You know what to do!


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