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The single-use sheet masks will give your skin an extra boost. Each sheet mask has its own specific serum-mix of Korean ingredients that match your skin type and needs. What is the best sheet mask for your skin type? MILU has something for every skin type and skin need! For example, the Say hi to hydration. Moisturizing sheet mask is perfect for dry skin, Go get your detox. Bubble foam sheet mask gives oily skin a real detox, leaves the skin feeling clean and radiant, evens out the complexion and minimises pores. The Copy paste your young age. Anti aging sheet mask makes ripe, dry, sensitieve normale or combination skin look lifted as the mask improves skin elasicity. These three face masks also come in a fun value pack: An awesome threesome. 3 sheet maks value pack. For everyone who wants to get rid of puffy eyes & dark circles around the eyes need the MILU I brighten up your day. Hydrogel eye patches. These 4-pack instant beauty boosters provide maximum hydration in 10 minutes.

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