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Seriously fun beauty boosters to upgrade your skin care routine

MILU’s journey started off in 2017, with a range of high-quality sheet masks; single-use instant beauty boosters, soaked in a rich serum of top Korean ingredients.

The line has since been extended with a selection of innovative facial workout tools. Easy-to-use at home skin care devices to train the muscles.

But that’s not all! We will bring more exciting product launches to you every year, and you can count on MILU that they’ll all be a great addition to your existing skin care routine! 

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Destination Korea

MILU’s range only contains skin-loving Korean top ingredients, which are mainly sourced at Jeju Island and all carefully selected for specific skin needs.

K-beauty has conquered the rest of the world in the past years, and that’s no surprise at all, with a whole nation and culture revolving around the importance of a daily beauty routine! That’s why you, MILU & Korea are a perfect match!

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The MILU story

MILU is your personal guide in the world of beauty. A world yet to discover. Women around the globe are always looking for ways to enhance their natural beauty. MILU’s search for beauty takes place every day and never stops …

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