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By now, it's no longer unknown; pretty-in-pink on the outside, ultra-satisfying on the inside, which we just can't get enough of... We are of course talking about our Body Balm and yes, we do have some explaining to do. In case you're wondering if I am making a sudden switch to body treats, no worries.

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No, no, we're still your BFF when it comes to quick beauty fixes for your face, but why should your body be left behind? We already made a start with our Body Beauty Tool and this beautiful rose quartz tool is too cool to stay single in the body care category. So the MILU match was quickly made with our delicious Body Balm. A nice addition to anyone's daily routine and perfect to combine with the Body Beauty Tool (hence the amazing Spring Roll Set, if you haven't spotted it yet!).

Caring for and nourishing your skin is key, but hey, the eyes want something too, and so does the nose in this case, and let's not forget that it's also not entirely unimportant what's inside. So, the Smooth talker; the wonderfully nourishing balm that you can use every day after showering, that smells addictively good and that, after all, really does something for your skin! We combined pomegranate extract with squalane and ceramides into a real hydration bomb and do you know what's so great about the subtle-sweet smell? It doesn't stick around too long - which we love with smooth talkers - so that your own favourite fragrance has all the room it needs to shine!


So if you're still in doubt about whether you should use a Body Balm or not. Yes, definitely! Smooth talker. nourishes your skin and keeps it soft and supple, so you're all-over hydrated! No words needed.


Love, MILU

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