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Hello fierce fellow wanderlusters! Ever since South Korea inspired my very first range of beauty boosters, the country has stolen my heart.

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I travel to Seoul twice a year to spot the latest innovations for you – and to enjoy some Asian comfort food, of course. Korean BBQs with loads of sesame oil are my absolute fave 🙂

I’m also very lucky to travel to Berlin, London and Paris on a regular base to watch my sheet masks make women glow all across Europe.  So I thought the Summer vacation period would be the perfect moment to share some of my packing & travel hacks with all you jet-setters!


Your space saver when travelling

Make the most of the space you have in your carry-on, or watch Marie Kondo do the trick if you need help. Only take the necessary items and use a checklist, to pack fast & efficiently. This saves time to think about the important stuff: what beauty products are your absolute travel must haves? Look no further, because I have just the perfect set for you!


Soak in the beauty of your surroundings and unwind

But really. Go offline whenever you can and truly enjoy the moment. Because we tend to plan every minute of our holiday, we just forget to relax once in a while. So choose your favorite mask, soak in the beauty of your surroundings and listen to the sounds around you. What I’ve learned from Korean women is that there’s no excuse not to pamper yourself. I even caught them walking the Seoul streets wearing a sheet mask. And, even better, book yourself a wellness treat to start off your vacation in the best way I can imagine!

Curious where you can find me this Summer? Follow me on my social channels to stay in the loop.

Love, MILU

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