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Rihanna & Drake already reminded us years ago to work, work, work, work, work, as did dragqueen extraordinaire RuPaul , when singing about being a supermodel (“you better work!”).

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Keeping that in mind, and, with a big wink to the 80’s aerobic workout videos that have become part of popular culture and also live on as hilarious memes, I was immensely inspired to develop a little workout of my own. Think spandex, fluorescent leg warmers and corny tunes. Are you laughing out loud yet?

Now the serious part… Let’s be honest; working out may not always be our favorite topic on the daily to do list, but I think we can all agree that beauty definitely comes from the inside. The healthier the lifestyle, the more your skin glows – of course with a little help from my beloved beauty boosters.


When MILU was first launched, I promised you I would always find you the best of boosters, but always quick and easy to use. So how to combine all of these things in the perfect addition to your beauty routine?

MILU and the color pink are like BFFs, so it had to be something pink, something new, something wow. And when the shiny, rose golden beauty tool caught my eye, I knew this was my workout match made in heaven.

Share your #facetrainer moments at my social channels, I would love to see you work it, baby!

Love, MILU

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