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Time to get spooky, my lovelies! Halloween is THE time of the year to get your mask on, but whether you trick people with  a monster mask or treat your face to your fave MILU sheet mask is totally up to you!

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Stay away from the door and cozy up to the fireplace tonight! Enjoy some me-time by candle light with my not-so-scary-but-glam Halloween Mask Hacks:


Although it’s getting cold outside, your skin might need a refreshing treat anyway! My beloved eye patches have an extra cool(ing) effect if you pop them in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying. Wanna mask all the way? Try my soothing hydrogel mask for full face coverage and give your roomies a little jump scare, while you’re at it.


Have a Halloween-themed girls’ night with my black bubble foam sheet mask. No need for heavy Halloween makeup, but trust me, you’ll take the perfect spooky selfies with this cleansing superhero! First enjoy the benefits of black bamboo charcoal and get ready to look scary, but cute, but scary, when the bubbles start kicking in.


Love, MILU

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