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Polyglutamic acid is a hydration powerhouse and that’s exactly why it’s one of the main ingredients in our Morning dew. Lightweight moisturizer. The skin benefits are nearly endless and the results amazing.

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Here at MILU we do love a good multi-tasker (hence our entire skin care range 😊), so we instantly fell for Polyglutamic Acid. This amazing hydrator works wonders for the skin's surface, replenishes cell moisture, but that’s not all! This beauty gem also has anti-aging qualities and smooths the skin tone.

Polyglutamic Acid is actually a link or chain of multiple amino acids (which stimulate cell renewal). It locks in moisture and therefore keeps your skin hydrated.

So we don’t need to convince you that this particular ingredient is your go-to when your skin feels a little dry or just when you want to keep your cute face hydrated, dewy and glowy. But how about anti-aging? Polyglutamic acid makes sure the appearance of fine lines is reduced, because it gives your skin texture a plumper look – oh hi there, rejuvenated mirror reflection!


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