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We Dutchies are not particularly known for our chauvinism, however, we selectively pick our moments to shine in orange and we celebrate as 1 proud, orange-loving, lion-hearted nation (think of the European and World Soccer Cup, King’s Day,
the Olympics). And we at MILU are equally proud of our newest, entirely Dutch-made launch: Morning dew. Lightweight Moisturizer!

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As you may expect from yours truly, this lighter-than-light cream is a multi-tasker. The skin care product is ultra nourishing, it replenishes your skin, hydrates and gives skin a true energy boost! Next to a perfect cup of coffee, this will be your best buddy in the AM, trust us. Let us paint this pink-accented beauty routine picture for you guys: start off with cleaning your sleepy face and slowly wake up by using The fix. Toning Solution. Follow with your fave serum - or sheet mask (if you are a true early bird and have loads of time) – and apply Morning dew. to face and neck. Always use SPF and your skin is ready to draw all attention - every day and throughout the entire day. 

ICYMI, being MILU’s very first entirely Dutch made skin product, this moisturizer needed some orange details. And although it was a real coincidence; one of the skin care heroes in the cream is cloudberry. This Nordic berry that kind of looks like a distant cousin of the raspberry, happens to be orange. But more importantly, the skin benefits of this wonder worker are impressive:  this vitamin C bomb energizes, helps retain skin moisture AND helps reduce fine lines. Combined with niacinamide and polyglutamic acid we think we found the perfect lightweight formula (91.99% natural origin!) to hydrate your skin.  The scent is as subtle and lightweight as the moisturizer itself, so a perfect counterpart to the aroma of a much-needed strong coffee.

So even though we tell coffee to move over, we don’t really mean that of course! Let’s say coffee and Morning dew. are the perfect combo for a fresh & glowy start of the day – inside and out!

Love, MILU

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