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As you'd expect, we're all crazy about skincare and
everything related to taking care of your skin. We share tips at the office and discuss the latest trends and developments with each other. We also like to share our tips & tricks and our own experience with you. Pleun, our e-commerce specialist, likes to show you her PM routine!

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I'm the type of person who never goes out of the house without make-up. Not because I don't like myself without it, but I love make-up and getting ready. Whether I'm going to the office, shopping or going for a walk; I always apply a touch of powder or put a nice gloss on my lips. Just as I don't go outside without make-up, I definitely don't go to bed with it still on my face. One of the most important parts of your PM routine is cleansing your face to allow your skin to breathe and repair while you sleep.

I use either the Cleansing Balm by Rituals or of course the Off Duty. Melting Cleansing Balm made by MILU. The benefit of the Off Duty. cleansing balm is that you can also use it for your eye make-up and I personally love that because my skin around my eyes is sensitive and I can't use a lot of products because of that. Before applying the Melting Cleansing Balm to my face, I first rub it between my hands so that it turns into a soft oil. I gently massage the oil onto my face and in combination with water, I remove my make-up and rinse my face clean. To remove any leftover make-up, I use Comfort Zone's Essential Micellar Water. It not only gives a fresh feeling, but also cleanses my pores. After this, I use a toner. At the moment, The Fix. toning solution by MILU is my favourite. It removes old skin cells, restores the pH level and makes sure I don't get pimples. The 3% AHA (lactic acid and glycolic acid) blend formula also makes my skin look healthy. Before I start grooming my face, I take out my face trainer for a facial massage. Of course I use the Workout Beauty Tool of MILU. My personal face trainer! The reason I use the face roller before my treatment is that some products can affect the rose plating of the beauty tool.

love, Pleun

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