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Summer is finally here, babes! And it looks like this will be the best season we had since, well, Winter 2019.. And honestly, I know some of you tend to cringe when talking about accepting your curves. But as Bruno Mars reminded us years ago already: girl, you’re amazing, Just The Way You Are! And believe me, you ARE!

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First things first: me-time is an absolute must to be at peace with yourself. Get rid of stressful thoughts, who needs those anyway? This is the perfect excuse to treat your face and body to some extra selfcare. So go ahead and actually plan time to pamper yourself – be generous in treating your skin to one of my proven instant beauty goodies!

Next, I know you know what works best for your body. Either you drink liters of water every day, eat strictly plant-based (or have a big, yellow M guilty pleasure) or enjoy a teeny-tiny bit of chocolate once in a while (okay, I admit I can’t resist to binge the whole bar when no one looks) – you know your body best! Do whatever makes you feel the best version of you.

Love, MILU

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