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As you'd expect, we're all crazy about skincare and everything related to taking care of your skin. We share tips at the office and discuss the latest trends and developments with each other. We also like to share our tips & tricks and our own experience with you. Lori, our Social Media & Marketing Manager, likes to show you her favo summer products!

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Summer is my absolute favourite season (duh – how can it not be?). I love that everyone is always smiling, I enjoy the long hot summer nights with friends and everything just seems better! My summer routine is not necessarily the same as my Winter routine but one product I always use is SPF – all day every day! Never skip your SPF kids! 

I tend to have a more dry skin, not only in Winter but also in the Summer. That’s why I find it important to focus on products that are lightweight, but still give me that touch of hydration that my skin desperately needs. Especially when I expose it to sunlight a lot (which I do because I’m a tanning addict) and when I go swimming – I notice that my skin just screams for some moisturization.

That’s where my MILU Lightweight Moisturizer comes in. It’s my absolutely fave moisturizer, because it’s super lightweight (perfect summer musthave), it doesn’t stick and it gives my skin the ultimate hydration boost. I also love that it’s the perfect size, so I can always take it anywhere I go and it’s the perfect size for your carry-on to take it to your Holiday destination! 

If I could describe the subtle, yet delicious scent of my MILU Body Balm, I would describe it as a romantic summer night. I use this Body Balm every single day (yup, literally) to not only hydrate my dry skin but also for ultra-nourishment. I mostly use it after showering and when I feel that my skin is feeling extra dry - Hello smooth and soft feel! 

I never skip my lips and in Summer I tend to go for a au natural look! Glossy lips give you that extra spark if you don’t want to wear make-up. I always take my Lip Treatment on-the-go and it leaves my lips feeling super smooth and moisturized.


Love, Lori

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