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When summer finally arrives, we just can’t wait to catch those first rays of sun. Because we feel better, prettier and happier with a sun kissed glow, right?

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I guess I don’t have to point out the importance of using a good SPF, as we all know our skin will age even more gracefully when we protect it in the best possible way.  So let me tell you how to pamper your gorgeous face even more during hot days, party nights and long-anticipated holidays…


My best advice to keep your skin radiant? Power naps & beauty sleeps! Nothing more relaxing than dozing off in the shade, but don’t forget to wear my 2-step retinol hydrogel mask. You won’t even feel the revolutionary, ultra-thin hydrogel, but trust me, you will definitely notice it. The fairytale-like iridescent color will make you dream of rainbows and unicorns, while the selected  ingredients and retinol beauty essence will make sure you wake up looking like a princess. Your new #1 cocktail


Did you know I have the perfect refreshing treat for you? And I’m not talking about ice cream, baby! However, the fridge is exactly where you can put our soothing hydrogel mask for about 10 minutes prior to applying it. Infused with peppermint extract, chamomile and aloe vera, it’s especially designed to calm down your skin after a day of enjoying the summer sun.


Multi-masking saves time and is the perfect prep for a girls’ night out. Plunge your face in bubbles to leave your skin crisp and clean. Next, enhance your natural glow by plumping your tanned face with my anti aging sheet mask, and if desired, layer on top of my beloved hydrogel eye patches to smooth out any signs of fatigue. True life-savers, if you ask me! Put on your party dress and highest heels and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

Want to find out all about my Summer plans? Take a look at my social channels every now and then and stay tuned!

Love, MILU

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