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Loving all things beauty and a skincare enthusiast? Meet Elisa Lee, also known as @sokobeauty on instagram. She has been reviewing Korean skincare products since 2010 and never stopped since

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“Hi lovelies! I have tried many skincare products over the past years and I personally prefer products that are gentle yet effective, as I have sensitive/combination skin. 

My bathroom shelfie includes all the products, I use regularly. My daily skincare routine contains 6-8 steps, depending on how my skin feels. If my skin feels dry, I apply a sheet mask or I apply another layer of my toner to give my skin a moisture boost. I know it sounds extensive, but you will get used to it. Being consistent is key and you have got to have patience. Seeing results after a while is the best reward you can have.

I like having a long routine in the evening to pamper my skin. I am definitely a PM person. On certain days I use a sheet mask for an extra hydration boost, I use a LED light device to soothe my skin, or the MILU workout tool to stimulate my blood circulation. Sometimes this means my PM routine can take at least an hour. I just love to have some me-time, especially because I’m working from home right now, like most of us are and sometimes it’s hard to separate work from chill time. 

PM routine

For my night time routine I like to double cleanse, starting with MILU’s Melting Cleansing Balm. This gently melts off all my makeup, including waterproof ones. Following up with a cleanser from Rovectin that deeply cleanses my skin without leaving it dry. To balance the pH level and for extra hydration I use Be Plain toner. Depending on how my skin feels, I apply Cosrx snail essence for healing and hydration and Paula’s Choice 20% niacinamide treatment to minimize my pores and to balance sebum. I hydrate my eye area with the Indeedlabs Eysilix eye cream. To lock everything in, I use the 107 hydro cream at the end of my routine. On days when I use a skincare tool, I apply the Keep Cool ocean deep blue oil, for extra easy massages. 

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