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Positive vibes, glowing skin and always smiling? Meet Michelle! She has her own PR agency in The Netherlands, specialized in beauty brands. Curious what’s on this
beauty nerds shelfie? Let find out!

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“I started as a pr consultant 8 years ago at this agency in Amsterdam. I worked for big beauty companies, and that’s where my love for beauty products started. I learned all the ins and outs about skin care, skin types and ingredients.


Now, I have my own boutique agency. I started two years ago and I work for several beauty brands that focus on sustainability and do good for the people and planet. Something I think is very important now a days and can’t be ignored.

Just counted my skincare steps – around 8.

First I remove my makeup with with a biphase makeup remover. Double cleansing time! I have a sensitive/combination skin, and I noticed the benefits of double cleansing with an oil cleanser followed by a water based cleanser. My skin is clean and in perfect balance. In the morning I don’t use a cleanser, just some cold water to refreshen and wake up. Every other day, I sprinkle a cotton pad with MILU’s Toning Solution and swipe this gently over my face to exfoliate and create a fresh glow, followed by an essence to prepare my skin for the products to follow.

I use two boosters: every morning a light Vitamin C for brightening and anti-aging. In the evening I switch between a retinol booster and a serum that fights cell aging and corrects long-term wrinkles and expression lines.

I know that there are a number of brands that don’t think eye creams are necessary (often the ingredients are the same as a normal moisturizer, but much more expensive). However, I have very sensitive skin around my eyes, and I can’t apply a normal moisturizer around it. So this is one of the very few eye creams I can use which does not irritate or burns, and depuffs my bags.

Last but not least: moisturizing! I prefer light textures. So in the morning I use the Lightweight Moisturizer, followed by SPF. In the evening I have this water in a jar, to make sure my skin regenerates overnight.


About twice a week I apply a face mask. I’m a sucker for clay masks. It’s like I have been to the beautician and my skin is reborn again. It feels clean and super soft. The Clay Sheet Mask has been my favourite since the launch of MILU in 2017.

Love, Michelle

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