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Gratis verzenden in NL en BE vanaf € 40,-

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We can't stop talking about it and are even fascinated; how DO they do that? And no, of course it won't ever happen to us... After seeing the Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna you would say that we've had enough of smooth talks and seduction skills.

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But nothing is what it seems! Because we do like smooth, a little sweet – but not too much! – and like to be completely pampered by the right person, right? Well, luckily we never play pretend and what you see is actually what you get: somewhat stubborn, but always with a soft pink edge and we’re here because we really, really want the very best for you and your skin .


Enter our hot drop: the Smooth talker. Body Balm – unlike Anne and Simon what’s their name?– does exactly what it promises and leaves your skin silky smooth, with a seductive, subtle scent. Seriously: move over Tinder, Bumble, Lexa, even the Bachelor – because we have our Smooth talker. Wonderful to apply every day, perfect peachy skin as a result, so win-win situation.. only benefits! And if you let yourself be tempted daily to use our Body Balm, then you are all set to seduce that one special person in real life yourself! (say: partner/lover/date/other).

Love, MILU

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